Welcome to SATINWOLF.COM, part of the SATINWOLF/FOXBAT group and associated professional companies

Welcome to SATINWOLF., a bespoke surgical and hi-level Security Compliance company, dedicating itself to the Corporate sector and offering Blue chip companies Executive Solutions & Compliance Protocols worldwide.

SATINWOLF is proud to ensure, from past experience, that UK/US Corporate entities maintain complete adhesion to international legislative engagements, and local as well as international business codes of ethics, allowing complete compliance within the framework of International Corporation Investment Strategies and Intelligent on the ground speculation, avoiding company image deterioration or local discord leading to international litigation or loss of multimillion dollar contracts.

Asset protection and low profile preventative measures combined with an intelligent and constructive international security framework ensure our requested proposals are met with the approvals 'SATINWOLF' has come to enjoy from the Corporate sector.

You are cordially invited to browse through our pages and in advance of your contact, thank you for your consideration, and remain at your service via the contact page.

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Corporate Services: Military Services: Civilian Services: African/Arabian Services:
JST De-stabilisation projects Consulate and foreign office tasking Central African mineral and gem exploitation compound security
US-UK executive solutions Investor orientated security contingencies Investigative solutions Asset removal and residential securing
Executive support Foreign policy protocols Asset tracing Press intervention and documentary accompaniment
Events Incursion projects Transport security Transport logistics, medical facilitation and base camp preparations
Investment security PMC-PSC orientated support systems Skip tracing Threat assessment and local service provider due diligence assessments Corporate jet JST operations for the duration including crew safety
World mobile events Alternative weapons systems developments and research Fugitive recovery Anti Poaching disciplines in conjunction with internationally recognised units
Olympic coverage Anti poaching and piracy initiatives and disciplines Bounty hunting Investments, tenders, contracts, governmental considerations and financial intel
Conference and congressional perimeter compliance Procurements and negotiations etc Court requested services Local networking with official sources as well as departmental licensing
Transport and movement solutions Medical assistance and FCO co-ordination in event of evacuation or 'medivac'
Pre arrival preparations IT Service - Pentesting / Network Auditing / Cyber Security Alternative methodology and 'footprint' principles