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   S A T I N W O L F./ F O X B A T G R O U P

   Registration 07817883. PSC.

SATINWOLF. and the FOXBAT Group was recently formed due to a requirement made by multinational investment companies requesting the services of professional security consultants to act on their behalf in conflict zones and hostile territories where the majority of financial gains are made worldwide in the redevelopment and mineral sectors.

Calls made to contract personnel sufficiently seasoned in preventative, pro-active and reactionary solutions led rise to our formation.

The company also counts upon a civilian focused strategic security and protocol policy allowing access only to high net worth companies requiring professional assistance by recommendation from executive level past clients or letters of introduction.

During the process of client acceptance from first contact or approach we are honoured to be able to supply emergency and contingency teams to troubleshoot situations with no more than an introduction or bank credit note should the activity be of a nature requiring substantial logistical considerations.

Satinwolf/Foxbat group is born from past and present SELECTION graded operators and INTELLIGENCE officers as well as personnel who are accustomed to gathering and identification of information in developing nations and emerging economies more precisely in Africa and Arabian sovereignties, our aim is to provide a comprehensive package based on local requirements and terrain, any religious and political aspects, past and present governmental legislations, criminal and tribal implications, financial and/or legal considerations, legitimacy of officials and departmental staff, preparation of surgically secure operational bases as well as immediate evacuation and contingencies plannings and failsafe protocols.

SATINWOLF has been dedicated to investment projects and strategic intrusion operations where there is government consent but due to the nature of the incursion, local and foreign discord or political instability. We are positioning ourselves as local points of contact for our preferential clients in order to supply any tenders and company orientated business to them so that they may enjoy official invitations to discuss projects and ongoing collaborations within their chosen fields, naturally leading to increased activity financially beneficial to them.

SATINWOLF.remains one of the most qualified due to it's present personnel and past experiences, the company , small and surgical, is able to count upon an unlimited quantity of operators due to its command involvement structure that enables the existing operators to invite, qualify, retrain and asses the members of the organisation prior to going operational thus ensuring correct and compliant cohesion when hostile activities dictate contingency planning and evacuation put in place goes active. Allowing the operators to be involved with the contracting of personnel and recommending their employment creates a division of highly motivated and professional characters who due to their ' personal interviewing ' prevents anyone below top grade tier one and two from assuming a position of control without the prior consent of all the previously vetted and tested team. We are also highly dedicated to promoting and inviting primarily all past out and retired military and intelligence operators, giving priority to experience and knowledge to join the company as they are the fundamental building blocks of S-Wolf/ F-Bats consultancy unit, this in turn leads to a mature core of planning and preparation executives when offering services to high net worth clients and companies.

We do not aim to sell our services through glossy portfolios or advertising campaigns preferring to introduce ourselves by personal discussions and qualification at board room meetings and invitations.

S-WOLF/ F-BAT Limited is happy to travel to your location on receipt of an invite to further discuss any requirements and/or offer solutions to any present difficulties your company may be experiencing or likely to experience with the following.

Pre-arrival preparation and sanitation of intended investment sites and project locations.

Maintenance of security compliance and logistical assets in hostile investment zones.

Location clearance of hostile activity and business debility risk consultation.

High end financial net gain company reconstruction and redevelopment program security including the supply of ballistic armour.

Delivery of armoured personnel carriers and valued client transport vehicles worldwide.

Deployments on the African continent to ensure financial investment projects meet schedules set and costings associated.

Transport security for diplomatic missions, documentation deliveries, emergency and crisis management teams including medical supplies and humanitarian aid delivery.

Medical training and trauma assessments including field surgery and evacuation.

Procurement and supply of helicopter transport, APC's, maritime evacuation vessels and private jet travel, pre-operational and post project termination.

Contingency planning Inc preparation of escape and evasion routes including financial indemnities.

Multilingual tasking staff for personal assistance and intelligence gathering at diplomatic functions.

Forward intelligence gathering and ground based assessments on targeted investment locations to include status of local official government department legitimacy.

Dedicated anti hostile solutions, preventive, pre- emptive, and post contact.

Business VIP movements and organisation in middle/far east, Africa and south American projects.

Intrusive prospecting team security considerations and evacuation planning for west African countries be them minerals, oil or land purchase projects.

The company also offers services to the international business community dealing in investment projects where financial gains are measured against the cost of operating a safe environment for the engineers of the project and the safe outcome of the operation. We do not operate for non bona fide entities or low cost company prospecting initiatives due to the differences encountered in security consideration costings, ultimately affecting negatively the successful outcome of the operation and safe return on investment.

At this point the company would like to point out that we do not pretend to maintain all our operators on continued employment but do have the pleasure of their availability for operations as and when we perform them within or outside our local borders, preferring to tailor the operators to the activity required and requirements of the clients preferences, be them overt or covert. It should also be mentioned that all national and international legalities and sovereignties are respected, all laws, legislations and human rights adhered to and that we do not offer services to non disclosed companies unregulated by their government and financial institutions.

> Past and present WOLF implementations :

> Dedicated offices to redevelopment and reconstruction projects, post hostile activities and preemptive deployment sanitation of target locations for international investment and foreign housing projects and construction considerations.


> Training and retraining to existing and forming of international policing and security forces to include in house material supply and methodology.


> Delivery of key personnel to predestined locations for catastrophe, emergency, humanitarian and disaster relief including co-ordination of security and sanitation projects / crisis management teams and humanitarian convoy security.


> Anti piracy disciplinary programs / Hostility intervention / medical assistance and evacuations / governmental support systems / intelligence and pre operational planning / investment and foreign funding containments and integrity / aircraft and corporate jet fleet compliance / major events and international conference security detail selection and implementation / Technological counter industrial espionage and awareness teams.

JST - S A T I N * W O L F developed and executed under contract, international Corporate Jet Security Team compliance and protocols, including all logistics, multi- lingual operators with a minimum of 4/7 language skills, forward funding, dedicated access to all FOB's worldwide, Intelligence on arrival destinations, complete threat assessment including detailed escape and evasion plans for top CEO movements, vehicle acquisitions and complete non intrusive low profile cover whilst abroad. This expertise has been honed from some years of operations for a $400 Billion US corporation on it's 20 or more yearly international trips and dealings.

S A T I N W O L F : - Governmental Capitalisation through Investor Confidence -.

SATINWOLF forms part of an alliance along with the FOXBAT Group dedicated to the subsidising and capitalisation of governmental projects and investor initialisation of infrastructural works to better the livelihoods and wellbeing of third world countries including transport networks.

The department counts upon large investor input into viability and sustenance of environmental considerations to reduce carbon footprints, medical issues, and human rights through increased knowledge, employment and development of the region.

Water purification and oil dispersal cleanup projects in western Africa are part of the selexix main objectives, with vaccination and disease eradication through cleanliness and hospital care in all regions a primary concern for investments by third party offices.

SATINWOLF/ Selexix is committed to the human rights cause, ANTI POACHING, and the right to dignity for all mankind.

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