Asset Tracing - S A T I N W O L F

In order to comply with local legislations and licensing bodies all operators such as those of this company, must be registered to operate as in Spain. SW has operated in this theatre for a good many years and maintaing legal status has had an untarnished record of location, confirmation & capture.

Document service

This process in Spain entails correct verbal requests, police and authority co ordination and compliance as well as documental retrieval, oath swearing, asset and bank freezing orders, in Spanish.

Target location

As stated, we are capable of finding anyone anywhere in Spain Morocco and Portugal, what dictates the time it takes and cost is the amount of available information our contracting entity is able to supply, and and all information not passed on will be qualified as newly acquired and sourced material for payments and invoicing as well as proof of time on the hunt.

Court and county court injunctions with service

This aspect of our operations entails locating the individual to be served and physically with proof , provide evidence to support his acceptance of any documentation legally required to receive by process service.

Asset freezing and hold on assets

We are also able to physically detain any and all assets from being removed prior to the arrival of authorities via permissions and licensing held by the company in the event a further crime could be committed by non compliance with court documentation or legal processes.

Surveillance in preparation of law services

As stated, SW is an old hand at surveillance in preparation of proof and image documentation as and how our clients dictate. We will stay on site whilst sanctioned for whatever period of time is required with authorisation from contracting company, rain or shine, day and night.

Document acquisition and public record property existence evidence.

This request entails many hours of public record, in person attendance, and local language written applications but leads to official documentation pertaining to the accused or investigated persons assets and anything retrievable by freezing and auction, properties, yachts, cars, businesses and investments. Here we excel in our abilities due to our more than a a quarter of a century here in Spain, contacts, friend, knowledge, and linguistic skills that open doors faster than any foreign office, police department and cowboy companies.

Intrusive investigative services

This is an aggressive surveillance posture and as is meant to do, ensures the subject knows they are being watched, have been found, cannot leave without being tailed, become worried of being again found, embarrassment by friends and business associates and alienation, until such time as they decide to come clean with whoever contracts us and remedy any situation required to give back peace.

Due diligence

Any and all businesses, individuals and or suspected fraudsters.

Vehicle repossession

Our duties on this topic include the location of said vehicle, 'locking' to prevent movement, attempt to receive peacefully and diplomatically indicating the alternatives in a foreign land under foreign judicial processes, receipt of keys and paperwork and then removal to a storage location or transport as and if requested by our client. In this arena we have had 100% success since we are able to access local insurance companies, ITV offices ( MOT locations) and physically attend last known addresses of stolen/ unauthorised retained vehicle.

Transport and repatriation of asset or fugitive / prisoner to county of origin accompanied with correct documentation and permissions

The jewel in the crown of operations abroad for any foreign justice system is the return of fugitives on the run and their prevention from reoccurring crimes against entities and personae, especially those of a sexual nature or condemned genocidal escapees from justice, as well as local governments repatriation of unwelcome or duly processed expulsion individuals to their own country of birth. SATINWOLF will attend and assist with any and all legally agreed to collections, deliveries, and holds on such individuals, duly processed and/or required at courts worldwide, respecting human rights, political alliances and religious callings including protecting/ upholding their safety/dignity until handed over to legal and competent authorities recognised by any and all human rights watches.