Corporate Intelligence - S A T I N W O L F

A bespoke Blue chip and Corporate intelligence gathering unit available for tasking with the elimination of industrial espionage, IT theft, image damage litigations, insurance frauds, executive level corruption, inappropriate third party payments, competitor assault tactics, and legal investigation.

Deceptive intrusion policies. Incorporating infiltration and industrial espionage prevention.

Penetration testing. Ensuring perimeter security and internal compliance protocols adhered to at all levels.

IT infiltration. Bespoke computer technicians baring all facets of internal IT theft and in depth sanitation and sterilisation of systems hard/software.

Corporate personnel & proprietary ownership theft investigation operations. Designed to locate internal theft of propriety material and intellectual property during the act of extraction or in prevention of distribution operations.

Competitor intelligence gathering and disruptive initiatives in counter espionage policies are presented in person at interviews or by our requested presence by invitation to expand upon this initiative.