Corporate Security - S A T I N W O L F

Our core operational tasking relates mainly to the logistical and analytical methodology of preventions & solutions for Executive movements. Our forte relies on a solid communication base with chiefs of staff and all aspects of strategic corporate planning relating to movements, meetings, international travel, flight operations, vehicle acquisitions, low profile unobtrusive accompaniments, sensitive negotiations and compliance protocols, born to ensure that the valuable company personnel enjoy a trouble free environment in which to operate correctly in their duties to the company and shareholders. Safety is paramount, coupled with preventative planning's and contingency protocols. Our team endeavours to be discrete and unobserved for the comfort of the executives but constantly updating to ensure all schedules and itineraries are successfully accomplished worldwide with the assistance of the corporate support team. Medical assistance by way of trained CPO's ensures that issues are resolved immediately, effectively and with the minimum of fuss but maximum efficiency in life saving protocols.