IT & Cybersecurity

In a constantly changing world where everything and everyone depends on digital resources and connections, there are always flaws, incidents and malicious entities that can harm your data or infrastructure. Whether it concerns a crashed disk, disgruntled employee with malicious intentions or a competitor that wants to know what you and your customers have communicated, we offer professional and custom tailored solutions. To us it is important that your information stays safe, is treated with the utmost care it deserves and that you feel safe and confident in the protection and security of your data, devices and staff.

A list of services that we offer:

External Penetration Testing

An extensive scan will be performed on your external facing connections to perform:
   - Service Detection
   - Vulnerability Scanning
   - PCI-DSS Audits

Web Penetration Testing

Most customer impacting attacks these days involve the exploiting of vulnerabilities in websites. Our services can be used against open-source CMS frameworks, custom developed banking website, tailored web forums or basically anything else that is publicly accessibe. We can test for specific vulnerabilities such as SQL injection attacks, XSS vulnerabilities or WAF evasion techniques.

Digital Forensics

   - Data recovery
     Crashed hard-disks, unbootable computers and even encrypted disks or volumes* can be recovered.
     This includes but is not limited to exposure of fire, water or external forces.
   - Tracking and tagging
     We can identify rogue users and devices but can also profile users, their devices and their internet traffic.
   - Dump analysis
    If your company was attacked and your IDS has created a TCP dump, we can analyze what and how it exactly happened.
   - Damage reports / post-attack reports
     Want to know what happened, what damage was done and how this can be prevented in the future?
     No problem, we will happily provide you with a full overview of the performed attacks and report any damage done.

Network Auditing and Penetration Testing

   - Auditing of policies and documentations
   - Penetration testing of internal networks - Simulating a hacker attacking your network
   - Vulnerability assessments
   - Network stress testing

Awareness & Training

   - In depth trainings for system and network administrators
   - Employee awareness trainings

Consultancy and Risk Assessment

   - Analysis and report of all kinds of solutions
   - Advising on network and hardware solutions

Furthermore can you contact us to set up almost any device or service that you desire as secure and private as possible.
This covers almost any OS, hardware or service from private (virtual) networks (multi-hop), private mail-servers, service configurations (hardening) and VOiP solutions.

For more information please contact us through the contact page.