JST - S A T I N W O L F

Global VIP JST is to allow incorporation of VIPs from all over not just Corporate world. It serves both types, just a bit more flamboyant for the film industry and past clienteles.

Developed and executed under contract, international Corporate Jet Security Teams, compliance and protocols, including all logistics, multi- lingual operators with a minimum of 4/7 language skills, forward funding and pre arrival organisation, 24 hour advance party preparation and troubleshooting, dedicated access to all FOB's worldwide, Intelligence on arrival destinations, complete threat assessment including detailed escape and evasion plans for top CEO movements, vehicle acquisitions and complete non intrusive low profile cover whilst abroad. This expertise has been honed from some years of operations for a $400 Billion US corporation on it's 20 or more yearly international trips and dealings, as well as tandem operations alongside our London Olympic coverage 2012. All JST operations guarantee 24/7 physical and visual cover incorporating sealing protocols ensuring zero manipulation or proximity to corporate aircraft whilst in prone to infiltration and bugging locations. We also ensure that any and all maintenance movements are accompanied , pre flight crew arrival safety and extended courtesies, catering compliance, apron receipt of VIPs with local law enforcement accompaniment should situations dictate and alternative arrival routing to ensure departure at arranged slot without delays. S-Wolf has had the honour to be the chosen and preferred security provider for these services to no less than nine company jets belonging to the same contract with multiple arrivals , departures, differing countries, days and guests. Other companies with lesser stock of aircraft have now decided to incorporate our services to protect their $80 million assets as and when they travel upon recommendation of air flight operations, Rockwell Collins, and VIP flight handling FBO's.


   Expanded JST Services

What is the Global VIP/JST?

It is the continued program of Executive Security & Support for Corporate and VIP Solutions worldwide, and we mean worldwide... Anywhere.

What basically can be achieved?

Full FBO accesses and ongoing movement considerations for the discerning high net worth client and bespoke portfolio for concierge and handler services. The VIP-JST prides itself in being able to accommodate any and all VIP worldwide movements incorporating "self funding policies" to ensure all requirements are in place prior to arrival of the preferred guests, anywhere, anytime.

What can i expect?

Our receiving protocols also allows us to be present and in 'standby to receive' mode at any forward base of operations from Tel Aviv's Shalom VIP FBO to Narita in Japan, from Madrid or Barcelona to India or Beijing, and at all European arrival gates, with no more than ' requested attendance orders ' Familiar faces and arrangements, trust and confidence in who is receiving you remains the key to our services.

Who recommends JST and audits level of professionalism?

Our own bespoke JST program , audited and recommended as being like no other by Control a proven track record of preventative solutions and guarantees that client satisfaction, security and executive timetables are accomplished as per itineraries dictated by corporate chiefs of staff & service providers. All operators have ' first person on scene' medical qualifications, and retain on operations a full trauma kit as well as emergency medical services.

Where are most threats generated to international executives?

All to often the highest threat does not come from the terrorist aspect that all companies wish you to be afraid of, but from internal disgruntled employees as well as competitors dirty tricks campaigns, but by far the most dangerous is the cerebral stroke, heart attack , road traffic accident, falling into oncoming vehicles, substance abuse, kidnap or embarrassment by third party or towards third parties, and this is where our prevention and or solutions can mean the difference between either life or death and successful business meetings or embarrassing situation leaks and paparazzi exploitation. The camera can and does lie, and compromising photos van destroy an executive image or company reputation faster than more conventional means.

How can we receive more 'education and consultation'?

The recent audit carried out by Control Risks identified our operations and practices as unparalleled in the aviation industry as the scope of services provided had never been seen before. We offer security training for all aviation crew and staff for awareness and safety purposes and these have been received very well across the corporate executive flight operations departments concerned. Please reach out via our contact page and at no cost, SATINWOLF will attend your enquiries in person.

For more information please contact us through the contact page.