Strategies & Consultations - S A T I N W O L F

Consultation, advise, initiatives and considerations are always offered without obligation and form part of our SATINWOLF strategy in educating US & UK corporations in best practices and prevention methodology.

Once contracted in a role to create bespoke company protocols our duties turn to the formation of surgical compliances and preventative protocols designed specifically to each individual company thus ensuring no two companies utilise the same methods, which in itself is detrimental to individual security initiatives. Our advise and consultation is always conducted on a face to face interview basis and our policy is to accept invitation to discuss issues by either direct contact from a recommendation or trusted source or via pre screened invitation email.

We charge no fee for attending a request nor do we claim expenses when officially contacted to present ourselves, we do however appreciate any costs either reimbursed post visitation and accommodation made available for the duration.

Please note that to date AT&T Inc, Microsoft, AllSeas SA, PGA US, are but a few names to have benefited from our services in this field and continue to engage.