Transport Security - S A T I N W O L F

This discipline encompasses all aspects of transport security issues from high seas cargo transports, to road freight. Road freight principles incorporate 24/7 visual upon transport, recorded surveillance, two operators per unit, vehicle and eyes on from delivery port to destination day and night anywhere in Europe. The emphasis is upon the attack methods generally employed by the opposition and the preventative tactics developed to combat these unlawful operations ensuring safe passage and undisrupted haulage.

Anti piracy disciplines in conjunction with MARSEC protocols are available as are lesser known developed principles in prevention and counter offensive operations in hostile territories. SATINWOLF in conjunction with CDS 'Chimera Defence Systems. have made available certain research and development materials now being employed successfully in open seas and for volatile and gaseous transport vessels as Petroleum tankers LPG and chemical carriers are denoted. The methodology bypasses restrictions with regards to firearms but allows insurers to accept the threat limitations and thus insure, in turn allowing the transport company to comply with all legitimacies and deliver. More information by requests from transport companies are welcome.